The human connection

in a professional world.

Januus is a dynamic ecosystem that seamlessly connects experts with users, whether in-person or online. Our platform serves as a convenient meeting place for professionals, featuring a robust search engine for a wide range of professional services and user-friendly profiles.

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At Januus, we understand the importance of seamless connectivity in the professional world. That's why we offer innovative solutions such as the Januus Business Card, a smart business card that stores your professional profiles and transfers your data instantly. With just a tap or a click, you can share your contact information, service details, rates, and availability, all while minimizing your environmental impact.


Januus Basic


  • arrow 1 profile
  • arrow Publish your services and expand your business
  • arrow A booking system that allows scheduling service appointments
  • arrow Upgrade

Januus Pro

$7.99 USD

  • arrow 2 profiles | 2 Languages
  • arrow More visibility (5 tags per article)
  • arrow Confirm appointments: Allow your users to inquire about your availability before confirming a paid appointment
  • arrow Enhanced analytics including profile views, clicks to links, and location requests

Januus Premium

$14.99 USD

  • arrow 5 profiles | 4 Languages
  • arrow Most visibility (10 tags per article)
  • arrow Group Payments: Allow your users to pay individually for a group class or activity
  • arrow Advanced analytics including profile views, clicks to links, and location requests
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Januus is commitment

to the environment

Januus is dedicated to sustainable practices, offering an eco-friendly digital alternative to traditional paper business cards. This initiative aligns with the 'Reduce' principle, significantly cutting down on paper and ink use.

Our platform enables the 'Reuse' of contact details through easy digital updates, eliminating the need for reprinting. We also embrace the 'Recycle' ethos, advocating for responsible material usage in our operations.

Through these efforts, Januus proudly leads in environmental responsibility, aspiring to inspire other businesses towards similar sustainable actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does it work?

Whether you're looking for expert help or want to list your professional services, Januus has you covered. Januus’ ecosystem offers a user-friendly experience for both professionals and clients, featuring a robust search engine for a wide range of professional services and easy-to-use profiles.

To get started as a service provider, sign in or set up your Januus professional profile


To get started as a client, register with and start solving your challenges with experts in your area.


2. What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a wireless technology used to exchange data between two nearby devices. You may have already used it to make mobile payments or board a bus with just your device.

At Januus, we utilize NFC technology in our smart business card, the Januus Card. It allows you to store your professional profiles and wirelessly transfer your contact information. You can include your name, profession, cellphone number, email, portfolio, and any other information you choose. With the NFC and QR code communication technologies, all you need to do is bring the card close to a mobile device to initiate data transfer. It's an easy and efficient way to share your information with others.


3. How can I purchase my Januus smart business card?

Click here or scroll to the top of the page and click the 'Januus Card' button to learn more.


4. Can I customize the design of my cards?

Of course! You can design it to your liking; change the logo, the background color, or add text, among other customizations. Email us at: with the number of cards you want to purchase and your design ideas.


5. Do I need to download an application to use my card?

You do not need to download a special application or program to enjoy the benefits of your Januus Card. Simply, follow the instructions included with your smart business card to activate or link your professional account at


6. What do I do if my contact does not have NFC technology?

With your Januus smart card, this will not be a problem, since you can also share your data using a link or QR code.


7. What is a QR code?

It is a two-dimensional barcode in which you store coded data and that when scanned by our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) provide us with information such as web pages, photos, contacts, etc. Many cellphones have built in QR code readers or can be used as one via an application.


8. How do I receive payment for my services?

Your Januus account is linked to a Stripe or other financial institutions within the USA*. The money you receive for your services and scheduled appointments is deposited in these accounts after the client has marked the service as completed or 24 hours after the time the service ended. You can then deposit that money directly to your bank account or withdraw it through other methods offered by your payment platform.


9. Verified & Certified

The "Verified" status means the professional account has a verified payment account.

The "Certified" status means the professional account has uploaded certificates and other credentials such as state ID, licenses, diplomas, etc. Some accounts will also have a background check done by a third-party institution on request. All the information will be available in the profile.


10. Lost & Damaged Januus Cards

If your smart card breaks, or gets lost, you simply deactivate the card from your profile and submit a replacement request. You will receive a new card at zero cost. Shipping & handling not included.


Offer your Services

Share Your Professional Profile: With Januus, sharing your professional information has never been easier. Create a professional profile that includes a clear and organized description of who you are, your portfolio, the services you offer, the duration of your services, your availability, and rates. You can expand your services and update your information or rates as many times as you want in real-time and transfer your data instantly in an eco-friendly way, during an in-person meeting or from your computer or mobile device.

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Maximize your reach and visibility by publishing your services online through Januus Search, the search engine for professionals and services. With this option, you can be discovered by clients opening new possibilities for your business. With our easy-to-use platform, people who need your experience can find your profile, select your service, book an appointment, and pay the corresponding rate, all in the same operation. Join Januus today and take your professional profile to the next level.

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Receive your payments

Create a free payment account with your Januus profile to receive payments for your services. The money you receive for your appointments will be deposited into your Januus account and can be easily and securely transferred to your bank account.

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Virtual Agenda

Take control of your schedule with Januus' virtual agenda. With our easy-to-use online booking system, your contacts or clients can view your services, business hours, current availability, and schedule appointments with you at their convenience. With our user-friendly interface, you can review your upcoming appointments and prioritize your activities. Never miss a meeting or deadline again with our helpful reminders. Join Januus today and manage your time more efficiently.


Schedule Appointments

Save time and stay organized with Januus' online booking system. With our easy-to-use calendar, you can display the duration of each service, your business hours, and current availability, allowing your clients or contacts to book appointments with ease. Our payment system integrates seamlessly with your calendar, allowing users to pay electronically and reserve their appointment slot immediately. Publish your services in our search engine to make them more discoverable to users who need your professional services. Join Januus today and streamline your appointment scheduling process.

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The human connection

in a professional world.