Januus Card: The smart business card that stores your professional profiles and transfers your data instantly.

A fast, secure, and easy way to share your data

In today's fast-paced business world, networking and making meaningful connections is more important than ever. With Januus Card, you can make a lasting impression and easily connect with potential clients or partners in a fast, secure, and eco-friendly way.

The Januus Card is a smart business card that offers a convenient and efficient solution to store and share all your professional information. You can easily include your contact details, portfolio, services, rates, and availability, making it easy to share all the important information about yourself and your business with potential clients or partners.

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What sets the Januus Card apart from traditional business cards is its innovative use of technology. Using NFC technology or a QR code, you can instantly link and share your professional profile with anyone, anywhere. This makes it easy for potential clients to view your services, book an appointment, and get in touch with you in a matter of seconds.

With Januus, you can say goodbye to traditional business cards, which are not editable, unprofitable, and volatile. Instead, with your Januus smart business card, you are adding to the quality and functionality of your services an eco-friendly solution that allows you to transfer and share your data instantly, whether during an in-person meeting or from a computer or mobile device. This not only helps you save time but also reduces paper waste, making it a sustainable option that aligns with our commitment to promote responsible environmental practices. Join Januus today and start connecting with the modern user!


With your Januus Card

Multiple profiles

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Manage several profiles according to your professional skills and share your professional portfolio, describing who you are, what you do, how you do it and the fees for your services.

Profile in different languages

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Share your professional information in several languages, increasing your chances of appearing in searches for services nationally or internationally, according to your plan.

Service agenda

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control the agenda and organize business appointments with your own booking system, giving your contacts the possibility to know the calendar and availability to book meetings and carry out tutorials, trainings, consultations and more.

Search Engine

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Put your professional profile in front of the right users with Januus Search. Januus connects users who need professional services with experts who offer them, making it easy to find the services you provide.

Payment system

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Receive payments for your services through payment platforms associated with your Stripe account. There, the money you get for your reserved appointments will be deposited.


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Analyze the data available in your account to review the appointments booked, payment transactions, and services that have the most interaction among your contacts through statistics such as clicks on your links, active contacts and more.

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Create, publish and share your information from anywhere and from any device; to present and transfer to your contacts, professional data and/or those of your business.