Activate your card


Activate your cell phone and bring the card to the device

Bring your Januus Card to the back of your device. You may feel the vibration or the sound of a doorbell.

Imagen card januus

Enable your device

Enable the message that appears on the screen to allow the phone to read your smart card.

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Start your session

Select your preferred login method (Google account or email).

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Follow the guide

A guide will appear on the screen. Follow the steps to select a plan, create your first profile, and add a paid account if you wish (you can skip this step).

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Activate your profile

At the end of the guide, click the 'Finish' button to activate the profile you just created.

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Try your Januus card and voila!

Now you can share your profile through your Januus Card. Try playing it on another device.

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Nothing happens when I put the card

I touched the button that says YES, but I see a page that says “NO INTERNET”

I see a web page that says: “There was an error scanning the card”

How do I activate a profile?

Anything else?