Januus Premium

By leveraging the power of Januus Premium, you can present yourself as a versatile professional, capable of catering to a wide range of client needs. Expand your commercial reach, attract a diverse clientele, and effortlessly manage payments for your group activities or classes, all within a single platform. With Januus Premium, you have the tools and capabilities to take your professional career to new heights.

Get full access to the tools below with your Januus Premium account:

Multiple Profiles

Manage up to 5 profiles according to your areas of expertise, businesses, or properties. In this way, from the relevant profile, you can share a list of all the services you offer, describing what you do, how you do it, as well as your rates. Create and manage profiles according to your specialties. For example, if you are a publicist, but you also offer photography services, as well as tutorials, you can share a profile with the portfolio* corresponding to each service; thus, increasing your chances of establishing specific contacts for each professional offer you communicate.


Multiple Languages

Share your information in up to 5 languages, including Spanish, French, and German, increasing your reach globally to users who speak another language and are searching for professional services. Perfect for: consultants, doctors, real estate agents, brand ambassadors, businessmen, government diplomats, and entrepreneurs, among others.


Service Agenda

Control and share your agenda. Organize business meetings with your own booking system, giving your contacts and clients the possibility to view your schedule and availability to book meetings and carry out tutorials, trainings, consultations, or any of the services associated with your Januus profile.


Dedicated Payment system

Maximize your earnings with Group Pay, a feature that enables multiple users to join your group services and activities. Whether you're organizing group therapy sessions, fitness classes, workshops, or any other collaborative activity, Group Pay is designed to simplify the payment process. Once the payments are successfully completed** and the transactions are marked as completed***, the funds will be securely deposited into your account, providing you with a clear overview of your earnings. Embrace the power of Group Pay to effortlessly manage and track your income while offering exceptional group services and activities to your clients.


Data Analytics Engine

Explore and optimize your business with Januus' data analysis tools. Review all your account data, including bookings, payment transactions, and services that generate the most engagement with your contacts. Our detailed statistics provide valuable insights such as link clicks, active contacts, profile visits, visitor locations, and most visited services. Use this information with your CRM system to discover growth possibilities, identify opportunities, and improve your business reach.


* There is a 30GB total storage limit for file upload.

** The service gets marked as completed 24 hours after the reservation time has expired without any action from the client.

*** There is an 7.9% fee + USD 0.30 cents per each transaction.