Januus Basic

Welcome to the Januus ecosystem. Here, we build a global community that promotes business development and fosters personal and professional growth with access to specialized professional resources.

Get full access to the tools below with your free Januus Basic account:

Januus Profile

Create a professional profile that includes a clear and organized description of who you are, your portfolio, the services you offer, the duration of your services, your availability, and rates. You can expand your services and update your information or rates as many times as you want in real-time and transfer your data instantly in an eco-friendly way, during an in-person meeting or from your computer or mobile device.


Virtual Agenda & Booking

Januus streamlines the appointment scheduling process for professionals, making it quick and easy to book appointments with clients. With your own booking system on Januus, you can easily manage your schedule and keep clients informed about your availability for the services listed on your profile.

Booking appointments through Januus is equally effortless for clients. They can view your profile, browse the services you offer, and book appointments based on your availability, all with just a few clicks. This simple and user-friendly process saves them time and guarantees a hassle-free booking experience.


Payment system

At Januus, managing payments is as easy as it gets. Simply create a free payment account on your Januus profile and start accepting payments for your services through payment gateways linked to your deposit account. Once the payment is complete and the transaction is finished, the money will be deposited into your account, making it easy for you to keep track of your earnings.

With this seamless payment system, you can avoid losing money or potential clients due to delayed follow-ups. Your clients can book appointments and make payments in one go, without any hassle. Once the service is marked as completed**, the payment will be automatically deposited into the associated payment gateway or your personal bank account. ***


* There is a 10GB storage limit for file upload

** The service gets marked as completed 24 hours after the reservation time has expired without any action from the client.

*** There is an 7.9% fee + USD 0.30 cents per each transaction.